Administrative Skills Training

Why would an organisation or an individual need an Administrative Assistant? Imagine a very busy lifestyle filled with all the busy schedules, and the stress of chasing deadlines and successfully acomplishing daily tasks. That's where the skills you will learn in this course will make you a super human!

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₦ 5,000


2 Hours




Employability Skills


This course introduces all you need to be a successful Administrative Assistant, Secretary or Personal Assistant (PA). Top performers in every area of industry have lives that need to be well balanced by reminders and well planned routines. Routines help to concentrate on what’s really important. Once you set them, they save time and energy because you won’t have to plan or think about them.

A lot of executives have lifestyles that consumes huge amounts of effort to keep order, some are just looking to squeeze out time that could be spent doing one enjoyable thing, maybe with family than just work.

Course Objectives

  • You will learn how to create great routines and plans, track tasks and create SMART goals
  • You will learn how to listen well and communicate effectively
  • You will learn how to relate with difficult employers and maintain assertiveness needed in the executive circle
  • You will learn how to maintain your appearance and the appropriate body language
Course Modules

The Basics